Life is unpredictable. We spend most of our time working to live, but often it's still not enough. There are only so many hours in the day. Businesses too have challenges and sometimes the income isn't sufficient.

We help by sharing our profits with you. At MyCom we have realigned the interest of consumers and businesses to benefit one another so together we can make our lives better. We have created a system of commerce that shares profits with its users in a way that has never been done. It can make a significant impact in your quality of life and your business’ success. It’s free and super simple.

Daily living that pays you back

MyCom is a system that allows individuals and businesses to profit from what they do every day. People profit when they use our system to shop and invite others to join. Businesses profit when they buy and sell products and services through MyCom, and refer their customers to join.

As you shop within the MyCom community and refer your friends to do the same, our community begins to grow. As a thank you, we will give the majority of our profits to you and everybody else who has assisted in this growth. It’s free for all to join.

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Great offers, shop locations, business hours, and product information for shops in your area.

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Make purchases, sell goods, earn cashback and join in our world-wide community of ecommerce.

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Looking for someplace to eat? Read reviews and get directions to food and beverage places near you.

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Hire home services, medical professionals, contractors, freelancers, etc.

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Planning a trip? Earn cashback on your trip and get it all done in one place.

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Institutions, associations, schools, governments, teams, non-profits, & many more can communicate with their audience, sell, fundraise, or host an event.

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Find or list your products in a unique wholesale marketplace. Grow business internationally by buying or selling on myWHOLESALE.Business registration required.

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Where raw material providers, manufacturers, and other businesses come to make new contacts, find new opportunities, and learn about new products. Business registration required.

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"If Mother Theresa had a business, it would look like this." - Angel S.


Our logo is inspired by the infinity symbol. To us, this represents the philosophy of giving and receiving – perpetually. We believe in the idea that there are sufficient resources in the world for everyone to have sufficient for their needs, but the struggle comes in how resources are distributed.

We are a business with a simple belief... that when you give, it comes back to you in a way that can replenish your giving and add more to you. This cycle when repeated and repeated leaves room for infinite growth and benefit.

We call it the giving economy.

Use myCom to BUY & Sell, everyone wins

At MyCom we connect all types of businesses and consumers through an innovative payment and marketing platform. We have even created an algorithm that rewards all members for simply shopping and buying through our platform.

Our vendors give a generous portion of their margin to the system in exchange for increased MyCom member loyalty and benefits for referring their customers into the system. Businesses, consumers and other community organizations can simply refer their “friends” to MyCom and get benefits from the purchases their friends make in the MyCom community. The result is impressive and life changing.

Membership Benefits

Profit from your purchases

As you make purchases with MyCom you earn a percentage of the profits back in COMS to use anywhere in the MyCom community of businesses.

Share & earn from your community

Invite others to join by sharing on social media, email or in person and gain a percentage of the profits from every purchase they make.

Community Cashback

Your Community Cashback & the profits earned from your own transactions are earned continually. You can choose to use them as you go, or build them up for future purchases.

Business Benefits

Build your Business in the MyCom Community

Acquire New & Loyal CustomersDisplay your products and services on our international platform to gain a wider audience and consumer base. As new customers purchase through your MyCom business, they gain rewards that increase their loyalty to you.

Reach Wholesale & Retail Buyers WorldwideThrough our system you can list your products & services for distribution to the retail market, wholesale market and in our expo. Reach across all channels and develop a strong global brand with MyCom.

Profit from All of Your Customer’s OrdersEarn a percentage of the profits from orders placed by your customers in yours and other MyCom shops. You even benefit from the orders placed by those you sign up in the MyCom community. The more you share, the more you earn.

Plus it is FREE to join!


Sharing is caring. Give and Get perpetually.

We could all use a little more...

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